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International Customers


Duties are import tariffs charged by the receiving country’s customs agency. When international customers buy a product on our website, their country may charge them duties on the shipment. Duties can be paid by customers to the carrier on delivery. 

How duties are calculated

Duties are costs associated with buying a product that's shipped from a different country. The duty rate is calculated based on a few factors:

  • the product’s declared value and shipping costs
  • the product category as determined by the HS code
  • the country or region of origin
  • the destination country's tariff rates
  • applicable trade treaties

Other fees may be added to the duties:

  • Import taxes - Domestic taxes paid to the destination country.
  • Additional fees - Fees billed by the carrier for import services such as working with a customs broker, collecting import fees from customers, or calculating import fees in advance.

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