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Customer Reviews

At Beddley.com, we value the feedback and opinions of our customers. We believe that customer reviews are an essential part of the shopping experience, providing valuable insights and information for potential buyers. Here are some of the reviews we have received from our customers.

We take pride in providing top-quality products and exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We value your feedback and look forward to serving you.



Based on 333 reviews
Best duvet

Just as advertised. Worth every penny and just ordered 2nd set


This is a great cover. Has zippers on 3 sides and enough ties to keep the comforter in place. The fabric is lovely. I now have 2 to change when I change my sheets. Great purchase! No more fighting with the cover!


Great design. Without the 3 sides opening I could not use a duvet cover. Thank you for this elegant solution.

Best duvet!

I’m very impressed with the Beddley. It’s easy to apply, very soft, oeko tex certified, and very high quality. My housekeepers love it at our vacation rental and our guests love it because they know they are getting a fresh duvet every stay! We wash between guests as cleanliness is very important to them and us!

Love it!

Great material and color. Will never go back. 3 sided zipper, pocket and sturdy ties are my go to now.

This duvet cover is a dream!

Wow! Aside from the ease of use when putting it on, the material of this duvet cover is the softest thing ever. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. I’m just waiting for the King shams to come back because they’re always out of stock :(

We LOVE our new duvet cover and shams!! Easy to insert duvet into this cover!! So comfy it’s unbelievable!! Looks beautiful on the bed, and so easy to make up.

As easy as they say

I actually put this duvet cover while I was on a phone call! It looks great. I was worried the zipper would bother me but we don’t even know it’s there

Easy Peasy!

Finally, a duvet cover that doesn't fight back! I used to put off washing my duvet cover because I hated the thought of struggling with getting my down comforter out of, and back into, it. Now, I have no excuse not to wash it! It's really easy and almost effortless.

LOVE this Duvet Cover!

This cover is made of a luxurious fabric and so easy to put on my King Size comforter. I love that it has 8 ties to keep it in place and that it takes little to no work to put it on. Customer Service is unlike I’ve ever experienced before from ANY company. I would DEFINITELY recommend this item.

Love this Duvet

This is an exciting and modern update for a duvet. It always stays perfectly in place, and it was so easy to put on my comforter. Very excited about the new style designs for a modern decor!!

Awesome product! Makes installation and washing 100% easier!

Comforter Cover

Excellent service and communication.
Nice product. Easy to put on comforter

Great product with terrific innovation

This is probably the best duvet cover we’ve ever owned. We expected it to be extremely easy to use due to the innovative zipper design, and it is exceptionally easy to set up, but it is also great looking and the fabric is extraordinarily soft and comfortable. No complaints at all!

Tremendous improvement to the traditional duvet cover!

I have purchased two of these and they are fabulous! So much easier to put on and they stay put.

Best duvet cover I have ever used

The selling point of this duvet cover is it's ease to use. The 3 sided zipper and the ties are game changers. But I have to point out the quality of the material too. My sleep quality improved instantly.

High quality

Very high quality - I am impressed

Easy to Use

I can now change a duvet cover in a few minutes... and it looks good.
Previously, it took me 15 minutes and it looked awful. This product is worth every cent.

the duvet cover is great - excellent quality

Great!!! I am very satisfied!

the gift has not been given yet

so I have no information to share.

Easiest and most convenient duvet cover

Supreme White Easy-Change Duvet Cover

I don’t often write reviews, however the customer service and duvet covers of Beddley need mentioning here because they are excellent. The three sided zipper invention of the cover is one of the best ever and the fabric and construction quality are excellent. The zippers slide easily and are high quality. Customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered and they even made custom European size duvet covers for my European down comforters. I’ll be ordering more covers soon. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Beddley for delivering such an exceptional product and customer experience!!

Zip is good!

It did what it was meant to, easy to put on bed.

Easiest duvet ever

Simple to put on
Looks good after washing
Nice color and quality