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Beddley Easy Duvet Cover Is A Guaranteed Solution - COPY



Stuffing a duvet into a duvet cover can be quite stressful!

We all know this way too well. An overwhelming majority of the people we surveyed roll their eyes or grimace at the thought of having to put a duvet cover on a duvet, or even take it off. Making your bed does not have to be challenging, complicated or stressful! That’s why we created the easiest and most user-friendly duvet cover ever known… the life-changing Beddley Wonderful Duvet Cover!

Our signature, innovative duvet cover has a three-sided zipper opening that makes inserting or removing your duvet a breeze like never before! 

No wonder people are ditching their traditional duvet covers for the Beddley!


Using the Beddley is easy!

  • Step 1: Simply place the Beddley duvet cover on your bed.

  • Step 2: Unzip the three sides of the cover and place your duvet on top.

  • Step 3: Optionally secure the duvet / comforter cover at each corner with the Beddley's convenient inner corner ties.

  • Step 4: Zip up the duvet cover.

It's literally that easy!

  • Your duvet is evenly distributed and will not shift inside the cover.
  • Now you can truly enjoy your beauty rest and not have your sleep interrupted by a runaway duvet or comforter! 
  • No more stuffing, shoving, shaking or duvet gymnastics!
  • And no pesky button closures to hurt your fingers either!
  • Just imagine the time savings!

Making your bed will never be stressful again!

Watch how it works:

With Beddley, we just made life a whole lot easier!


Before the advent of the Beddley Wonderful Duvet Cover, the traditional duvet cover frustration led many on a quest to find an "easy" way in/out. Hence, the birth of numerous "duvet cover tricks", notably the Burrito Roll trick, a.k.a. California Roll method.

This and other tricks are oftentimes even more cumbersome and time-consuming to implement than the traditional way.

By the time you're done, you'll need a shower and a nap!

Compare the traditional way and the burrito roll method with the ease, breeze and time savings the Beddley Wonderful Duvet Cover brings...


Beddley has forever changed the bedding landscape with an unparalleled innovation that is helping people across the globe.




  • Step 1: Crawl your way into the cover.

  • Step 2: Stuff and shove the duvet into the duvet cover one corner at a time.

  • Step 3: Stressfully ensure you reach all four corners.

  • Step 4: Shake the stuffed duvet cover to fill each corner.

  • Step 5: Jump on your bed and shake the duvet cover for even distribution.

  • Step 6: Take several minutes to close up the duvet cover with the pesky button closure or zipper.

  • Step 6: Finally, straighten the duvet cover on the bed.

 You practically had to wrestle with your duvet cover! By now, you probably need a shower and a nap!



Inspired by the art of making sushi, this mundane technique is no less cumbersome than the traditional way of stuffing a duvet into the duvet cover. 

how not to put on a duvet cover

  • Step 1: Turn your duvet cover inside out, lay atop your bed with it's facing away from you.

  • Step 2: Place your duvet / comforter atop the duvet cover.

  • Step 3: Be sure all four corners align, for best results. If your duvet cover has interior corner ties, use them to tie the duvet cover to the duvet / comforter.

  • Step 4: Stand opposite the opening of the duvet cover. Start rolling the comforter and duvet cover together like a burrito.

  • Step 5: Once rolled up, stuff the comforter / duvet roll into the enclosure of the duvet cover.

  • Step 6: Button or zip up the duvet cover. Position the Burrito Roll on the bed so that the enclosure is aligned with the bottom of the bed.

  • Step 7: Unroll the burrito while pulling apart the duvet cover from the roll.

  • Step 8: Shake out the duvet cover and finally, you're done.


Isn't it time to ditch the traditional duvet cover, the burrito roll, the California roll and all other duvet cover tricks?

Beddley Wonderful duvet cover is all you need!