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June 08, 2023 5 min read

Two Bedding Staples: Duvet vs Comforter

Here at Beddley, we are known for our signature product, the Easiest Duvet Cover you’ve ever known. We know the confusion between duvets and comforters has lingered through the years. If you're here because you're in a dilemma as to which one to choose, consider this your lucky day. From deciding on the right bedding based on your preferences to the pros and cons of each, this handy guide will help you make the right choice effortlessly. So, let’s get started.


Duvet vs Comforter Difference

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a special type of thick blanket that helps in keeping you warm. It’s filled with synthetic fibers, batting, wadding or foam, and it’s commonly stitched or quilted to secure the filling in place. A comforter serves as the topmost bedcover on a bed and does not need an extra cover to protect it.

Comforters often come in a bedding set that may include decorative throw pillows or shams, pillowcases, sheets and bed skirts. This ensemble makes decorating your bed in style very easy. A comforter can be easily laundered in a washing machine and dried in a dryer at home, without any risk of damaging the product.


What is a duvet?

A duvet (aka duvet insert) is essentially a bag filled with goose or down feathers, down alternatives or silk. It is oftentimes referred to as a comforter in the US, although a duvet and a comforter are clearly different.

People like duvets because they’re warm but surprisingly lightweight. Their removable protective covers mean you can change the look of your bed without investing in an entirely new duvet. A duvet is sold without coordinating sheets or a cover for its protection. The color of the duvet is typically white or beige. This bland color is inconsequential since the duvet would ultimately require a protective covering known as a duvet cover, made of some sort of fabric, to cover it to withstand daily use. The most popular fabric used is cotton or a blend of it.

You'll probably need to shell out a bit more cash for a duvet than you would for a comforter. So, compared to a comforter, a duvet is like an investment but it's sure to serve you for years to come with proper care. This is why it's crucial to use a duvet cover for protection from the elements, much like a pillow is normally covered with a pillowcase. You wouldn't lay your head on your pillow bare, would you?

A duvet is very fluffy and ultra-plush, supremely comfortable and has a luxurious feel, giving you an illusion of being wrapped in a cloud in your cozy bed. There’s just an aura about the duvet that lends itself to better quality sleep. We all know the importance of sound sleep to our health.

One of the greatest things to love about the duvet is that it keeps you as warm as you’d like. It comes in different degrees of warmth, so you would always find one for the temperature that suits you best.

A duvet is not easy to clean and can easily be ruined if thrown into a washing machine. If you must clean it, dry-cleaning is often recommended. The good news is, proper use of a good protective duvet cover on your duvet keeps it clean and in good shape. It can even last you for numerous years to come.


What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is the protective covering for the duvet. Much like a glove protects your hand from being soiled or contaminated, a duvet cover prevents the duvet from being soiled by the elements, such as body oils, fluids, food, snacks, hair, fluff, sweat and more. Duvets are expensive and washing them is not recommended. Those with feather and silk filling are especially delicate and can be ruined by washing. If ever washed, they thoroughly must be dried for hours on end, else they'd stink. So, it's advisable to avoid washing and this is where a good duvet cover comes in.

Duvet covers are notoriously frustrating to use. But you sure need them to protect your investment in your duvet! Duvet covers can be removed and washed as needed. With different duvet covers, you can easily change the look of your bedding while using the same duvet insert, unlike with a comforter with which it's simply not an option. Imagine how many comforters you'll need to attain different looks. Oh, how about finding space to store them? Now, that would be a nightmare.


What Is The Best Way To Put On A Duvet Cover?

We all know too well that changing a duvet cover is a real struggle, sheer drudgery. It's very challenging and time-consuming to stuff the duvet insert into the cover. This is where the Beddley Easy-Open Duvet Cover comes in! Beddley created this revolutionary easy-to-use bedcover to solve this frustration with making your bed.

With Beddley, you no longer have to stuff, shove, huff or puff your way into getting your duvet into your duvet cover. And no burrito-roll trick, California-roll trick or any other trick needed. With a unique zippered opening on three sides, your bed is made in a fraction of the time. This easy zippered duvet cover is surely a complete game-changer that makes your life a whole lot easier. The continuous 3-sided-zipper closure makes changing a duvet cover a breeze like never before!

People are ditching their traditional duvets for the Beddley. Once you try this innovative life-changing duvet cover, you will never look back. It’s made to save you time and effort. If you’ve been in search of the best duvet cover, one that is easy and quick to use, this was made for you.

You no longer have to think or worry about how to put on a duvet cover, with Beddley you just do it in a fraction of the time it used to take you with the traditional duvet cover. It’s so easy to use that a child or someone with limited mobility can handle it. This is bed-making at its easiest.

best way to put on duvet cover


How To Prevent The Duvet From Shifting Inside The Duvet Cover!

A few brands make duvet covers (or comforter covers) with ties, clips and other contraptions inside to hold duvet. The innovative design by Beddley is a masterpiece. It comes with four inner corner ties to keep the duvet in place. You no longer have to deal with a runaway duvet.

Another great benefit Beddley offers is, it helps you maintain good sleep hygiene because it's so easy to take off and put back on the duvet!  In summary, no more excuses for not washing that duvet cover!


How To Prevent The Duvet From Shifting Inside The Duvet Cover



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